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Glenn Beck target of a wiener smear campaign along with some radical extremist groups

...with their proverbial hands in the pockets of the US government.

Bill O'REILLY: "If Weiner is working with people behind, powerful people, elected people either in Congress or in the White House to try and destroy you, then Weiner himself has got a big, big problem. Big problem."

If on the slight chance you do not know what this is about, Glenn Beck has been busy exposing the radical extremists who helped write the Healthcare/Education/Free Broadband and the Stimulus/Jobs/Free Food Bills.

The major players in this boycott campaign are just a few of the groups Glenn Beck exposed to the public, and showed us what their real agendas were.

It is no wonder they want him to "Sit down and shut up!" They are rallying to squash Glenn Beck's Freedom of Speech. This should come as no surprise to us, since Obama and his advisers are in the process of fundamentally changing the US Constitution and the United States itself right before our eyes.

Take a look at the video where Obama utters yet another un-Presidential remark, out of many with:

CBS and Harry "ACORN story? I never heard that!" Smith

Let's look at the radical groups who want Glenn Beck to stop telling people who they really are and what they really do.

This photo from color of change may be one of those voter registration pics, but sources could not say. I know I would definitely have changed my vote to Obama if I saw these radicals mobilizing on my block. How about you, would you change your vote?

On this organization's website, they say this is what they want:

"Color of Change exists to strengthen Black America's political voice. Our goal is to empower our members—Black Americans and our allies—to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone."

Someone should send this group a memo to let them know that voters elected the first black president of the US last year. They are a little behind the times.

They also fail to tell you that their co-founder, Van Jones, whom they claim is currently inactive in the group, yet still list his name on the site, is a 9/11 truther and a supporter of the Free Mumia radicals. These people want a cop-killer to go free.


"Such a human waste"

Oh, and then Van Jones was also an adviser to Obama, his green job's Czar, or as the White House described him, Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, AND he's a self-proclaimed Communist!

Does this group only look to hire cop killers? I do not see the connection.

They are currently asking Glenn Beck's advertisers to stop sponsoring hate by getting people to sign a petition that links "threatening calls, racist taunts and dangerous behavior" to the Tea Partiers and "Tea Party" Republicans across the country.

My guess is that the advertisers who receive this petition will first check the polls and note that 78% of Americans are against the diabolically high spending within the Obama administration. They will know that Americans are against the government takeover of our Healthcare.

Glenn Beck's advertisers will also know that Americans are against the next big thing coming from the White House, and that is giving full citizen rights to illegal immigrants and members of the drug cartel sneaking into our country on a daily basis.

This petition will do nothing, because I assume Glenn's advertisers are already fans of the show.

In addition, someone should tell the radicals at Color of Change that the photo they have of Glenn Beck supposedly saying that Glenn Beck is a racist, is a picture of Glenn on a different Fox program. I believe it is a picture of him on the Fox and Friends show that runs from 7-9 am on FOX.

Not only is the picture wrong, the last line of the petition says,

"I urge you to immediately cease all advertising on the Glenn Beck Program on the FOX News Channel."


As a side note, if in fact Glenn Beck did call the POTUS a racist, how is that different from all the anti-Bush clowns who called Bush a racist and every other foul word they could come up with?

Plus, Obama sat in a church for 20 years whose pastor was a racist and spewed anti-white, anti-American, and anti-semitic garbage, so is what Beck said really out of line? I don't think so.

The next extreme radical group that is encouraging a boycott of Glenn Beck is the socialist organization, SEIU, with the leader-in-charge, Andy Stern.


On SEIU's site, they say:

"For more than 14 months, SEIU's online activists took action every day for health reform. We wanted to revisit the series of small victories that led up to a big win for America--because there's no doubt that health care reform represents the first major piece of legislation passed through a groundswell of online activism."

SEIU spent $85 million of our tax dollars, on Democratic candidates in 2008. They spent $60 million of our tax dollars for the election of President Barack Obama. A large amount of that money came from door-to-door canvassing and voter registration.

Yes, we have heard about the bullying tactics used to make people vote for Obama. (See Al Sharpton above)



 And apparently the Orange's!

Andy Stern is a frequent visitor to the White House. Between Inauguration Day and July 31, 2009 alone, Stern visited the White House 22 times. He has visited countless times since then.

Andy Stern also poured millions of American's tax dollars into a little group called the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Otherwise known as:

If you were on another planet in the last year, you might not know that this is the biggest corrupt organization in America, paid for by American tax dollars.

Besides the money amounts given to this group by a buddy of the President of the US, this group teaches people how to cheat on their taxes. They might have shown our current Secretary of the Treasury how to do that, but no confirmation exists.

This group teaches people who run brothels that they can bring underage girls in the country illegally, set them up as prostitutes, and write this off as a legitimate business.

Andy, who wants to quiet Glenn Beck, set up pavilions at every protest against healthcare reform in 2009. He must control a lot of America's money. I guess that is why he thinks he can silence Glenn Beck.

Glenn is one of the few people Andy Stern cannot buy off.

Oh, and Andy Stern is a radical from the 60's.

The third radical crying for the Glenn Beck shutdown is Reverend Wallis and the Sojourners. No, this gang is not like Tony Orlando and Dawn. They are what Wallis calls, "Social Justice Christians".

Here is a cover from one of these Christians' magazines:

On what is supposed to be a Christian site are what they call active alerts:

Cut the Deficit--Cut Military Spending

Tell Congress: Restore Integrity to our Financial System

Health-Care Reform Resources
 Aid, not troops, in Afghanistan

I do not know what church Wallis attended growing up, but my pastor never said anything about a "biblical call to social justice". He also never presumed to tell the President of the United States how to do his job, but it appears Obama got some of his ideas from this Wallis.

If my pastor tried to do that, my parents would have grabbed me by the hand, and run the heck out of there.

Oh, and Reverend Wallis is now Barack Obama's new "spiritual adviser". Did I forget that important point?

The one he dumped, Jeremiah Wright, you know the radical who declared "G-d Da-n America" for twenty years while Obama sat in the pew, disappeared from the White House scene and then said this to the Daily Press of Newport News:


"Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office."

Finally, at the bottom of the petition Obama's new adviser, Wallis and his radicals are writing to Fox advertisers is this sentence:

"Each letter is being carbon-copied and will be delivered to Fox News."

Budgets are Moral Documents, carbon copies available upon request!

I hope they remember that they have to change the name on the copy so that it looks like two people signed instead of one, twice.

Does it bother anyone else that all of the organizations who are trying to shut down Glenn Beck, use RED in everything they advertise?

No, Glenn Beck is probably wrong about the people who pal around with our President. He is probably wrong about them being Marxist Radical Revolutionaries, right?

Of course they are anti-Beck, they're PROGRESSIVES!

And the latest participant in the TRASH THE GLENN BECK PROGRAM is a Congressman who holds secret meetings with Barack Hussein Obama:

So which side do you stand on?

If you think that the White House doesn't strong-arm people into shutting up, just ask Sestak, who came out before last week's election saying that he was offered a bribe to back out of the race against Specter.

Now when asked, suddenly Sestak is bobbing and weaving all over the place. Then we find out it was Wild Thing Billy Clinton.

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