Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anti Beck Society on Facebook

Just when I thought there couldn't be anymore proof that I was right about the Social Outcasts on Social Networking Sites, I ran across an Anti-Beck Society page on Facebook.

I found this by clicking on a link in a progressive/liberal's blog (their words, not mine) that contains a poll, asking people if they think Beck is doing a good job for the country.

They have the Yes and the No tabs, but when you look at the poll, the name says Glen Beck. Wait, I'll type that again...Glen Beck, WITH ONE N!

There is actually an article on this blog, ragging on Beck for not having a college education. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I had a classmate in Kindergarten whose name was Glenn, and even back then at the age of 5, I knew the name had 2 N's in it.

Anyway, to get back to the anti-beck society, if you click on the members' pages, you see that these people just sit on Facebook for hours on end, playing the games.

How do they even know if they're Anti-Beck, if they don't get out of Farmville long enough to turn on the TV at 5 o'clock to Fox News, and hear what he has to say. Another bunch of losers, talking about things they know nothing about. Anti-intellectual drivel, as Joe Klein would say.

I am amazed at the number of liberal bloggers and tweeters there are, all talking about Glenn Beck, too. They've turned it into some sort of virtual reality game, where they can pretend they're socializing and have lots of friends, when in reality they sadly just don't fit into the real world of real people or have any real friends. But they found each other on Facebook anyway, so that's nice.

If any of you happen to accidentally stumble upon this page, give them this link and tell them to read about Glenn (with 2 N's) Beck'sviews on:

Faith, Hope, Charity, Inspiration, Family, Country, and a host of other things.

Maybe the reason so many people do not understand who Glenn Beck is, is because they keep trying to find

Of course, if they just called the genius from Time Magazine, Joe Klein, I be he could tell them how to spell his name.

Since it must "sicken these intellectuals" who write articles daily slamming Glenn Beck, to know that they'll never reach the size of the audience Beck has because they write garbage, and Glenn Beck speaks the truth.

I guess they will get readers because anything with Glenn Beck's name on it will be read, but not for the reasons they believe.

The bloggers and tweeters are just as desperate as the social outcasts who don't bother to do enough research, to get his name right.

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