Thursday, October 14, 2010

Glenn Beck Apologizes to Obama for this?

This conversation started after Obama announced that his daughter came to him and asked, "Did you plug the hole yet?"

Glenn apologized for saying that Obama expects us to believe that someone with his daughter's level of education, would actually ask that question.

Funny I seem to remember everyone calling Bush's daughters sluts and alcoholics.

I remember when everyone in the lunatic left freak hive, wrote about how funny it was to make fun of Sarah Palin's son, and her daughter for actually having a baby instead of killing it.

What's the big deal? Obama, by the way, is the one who said in his press conference that his daughter came to him and asked him that question.

Beck was making fun of Obama, and honestly, who isn't these days? There's just too much material to ignore.

And might I add, this was hysterical!

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