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A Glenn Beck Weiner Facts Update

Congressman Anthony Weiner made some jokes about male anatomy, one in response to Eric Massa's charge of Rahm Emanuel approaching him while he was naked in the shower, to bully him into voting yes on the
healthcare/education/free broadband Bill.
 The other remark was about a male private part and directed at Senator Lieberman.

To read Weiner's 'off-wiener' remarks, visit:
 Weiner Facts

 Presenting Anthony Weiner and the Wieners!
Like it says on the Weiner Facts site, I will not repeat his distasteful remarks, but I will post pictures of some weiners:


Wonder if Weiner's still trying to shut Glenn Beck down by investigating Goldline?


Glenn Beck and Weiners (just the weiner facts)

Glenn Beck, targeted by yet another Congressman, named Anthony Weiner, held a press conference bashing one of Glenn Beck's sponsors, Goldline

Strangely enough, immediately following the Weiner bash, he met privately with President Barack Obama.

Remember, Obama told Harry Smith that Glenn Beck was a troublemaker.

Well, Beck is fighting back. There is a website, Weiner Facts, that has so many hits, it keeps crashing. 

But you should keep trying, because there are some wonderful Weiner facts on that site. Not only are there facts about shady deals with lots of money concerning Congressman Weiner, but there are facts about weiners, all weiners all the time.

Here's a great Weiner fact about Weiner:

"The FEC (Federal Election Commission) had two cases (MURs, or Matters Under Review) about everybody's favorite Weiner. Both cases have the same name, Friends of Weiner."

"MUR 4995 resulted in a $47,000.00 fine ("civil penalty") against Weiner because of financial misconduct in one of his reelection campaigns. MUR 5429 involved an illegal $28,000.00 loan that Weiner's parents made to one of his campaign committees."
Congressman Weiner Facts and McCarthyism: The Big Weiner Speaks

Check out:

Here a Wiener, There a Wiener, Everywhere a Wiener Wiener!

Even the hot dog's disgusted!


After returning from his secret meeting with the President, Anthony Weiner heard about the Weiner Facts website, and here is what he had to say:

"The focus of my report was not primarily Mr. Beck's show. I haven't called for him to be shut down, I haven't called for him to be sanctioned. He's got to live with himself. I don't know where the McCarthy charge comes from. I'm not trying to do anything more than protect his viewers from him."

Yeah, just like Joe McCarthy was not trying to do anything more but protect Americans from communists.

Oddly enough, these words echo what Obama told Harry Smith in an interview:

Harry said he has been listening to talk radio and "the kindest of terms you're sometimes referred to out in America is a socialist."

Obama answered "Well -- I mean, I think that -- when you've listened to Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck it's…it's troublesome.

Since when did Harry or anyone in the lame stream media start listening to conservative talk radio?

Weeks after FOX News broke the ACORN "start a brothel for underage illegal immigrants" story, and the "cheat on your taxes" story, Harry received a phone call.

When the caller asked why CBS had not yet run a story on ACORN, Harry laughed and said, "I haven't heard anything about ACORN."


Obama's dishing it out:

The Big Weiner and the Lame Stream Media is trying to sell it to the American Public.

The American Public is not buying it so the Big Weiner might as well scurry back into the woodpile,

like this guy did after his meeting with the President.

A rat scurries across in front of podium as Obama gives speech about Wall Street Reform.

Fun wiener facts:

pejorative term used to describe a person who is notorious for acting foolishly

A hot dog, from German "Wiener W├╝rstchen", meaning "Viennese small sausage"

well, you know the 3rd one; and...

Congressman Anthony Weiner


Glenn Beck is smarter than your average Wiener...and Joe Klein

It appears as though the Weiner underestimated his ability to discredit Glenn Beck by going after one of his sponsors.

The ratings show that Glenn Beck is perhaps smarter than your average Weiner and even smarter than the Ivy Leaguer, Joe Klein.

Just look at what their shenanigans have done for The Glenn Beck Program's ratings this past week:

Monday May 17

5 PM

Glenn Beck – 2,208,000 viewers

Situation Room—506,000 viewers

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 475,000 viewers

5 PM

Glenn Beck – 2,190,000 viewers
Situation Room—564,000 viewers

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 564,000 viewers

Wednesday May 19

5 PM

Glenn Beck – 2,178,000 viewers

Situation Room—514,000 viewers

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 527,000 viewers

Thursday May 20

5 PM

Glenn Beck – 2,029,000 viewers
Situation Room—501,000 viewers

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 496,000 viewers

Doesn't look like it's working, does it, Congressman?


"I may be a big dum-dum dummy, Joe and Tony, but it says here that my ratings beat the competition's ratings 4-1. I had to look that one up!

Cable News Ratings say:

"Stick a fork in the Weiner; he's done!


"Wouldn't you like to be a wiener too? Be a wiener, watch tony weiner!"

Anthony Weiner tried to tell Bill O'Reilly last night that going after Goldline was not about Glenn Beck and what Glenn does on his cable news show and his radio show.

But then why would the Wiener come out with this statement:

"I defy Glenn Beck to dispute the premise of the report."

Leading up to the Wiener's appearance on the Factor with Bill O'Reilly, came this odd statement from the Wiener:

"Every single moment that we are stroking our beards and gazing at our navel and thinking about the world we'd like to be and singing 'Kumbaya' is another day we're not punching Bill O'Reilly in the nose."

I doubt that O'Reilly wants to gaze or stroke or sing anything with the Wiener, let alone do it with beards and navels.

Advice for the Wiener: "Get a room, Wiener, and a clue, because you've failed!"

Beck could not be reached for comment. He was busy looking up the words 'defy' and 'dispute', because he thought he had already done that, but now he's confused as to the meaning of wiener's words, and has to look them up:

More facts have been added to the

Glenn Beck's Weiner Facts and Connections: Jon Stewart, Ben Affleck, and more!


Weiner Fact #1 - Congressman Anthony Weiner, the latest star in the "Obama Administration Protection Agency", was a roommate of Jon Stewart's, the host of The Daily Show, after college.

Weiner Fact #2 - Jon Stewart has donated political campaign contributions to Weiner.

Weiner Fact #3 - Weiner is a friend of Ben Affleck.

Weiner had this to say about Ben Affleck:

"We got into a chest-to-chest shouting match over Obama–Clinton within about four minutes. Literally, people were outside the office wondering if they should go in and separate us".

Weiner, that was too much information. Is there something Jon, Ben, and Weiner, would like to tell us? Is this why Jon Stewart rags on Glenn Beck all the time on his show that 25% of liberals get their news from? Inquiring weiner minds want to know.

so you don't have to!

roommate of Jon's

Jon bashes Beck obsessively

after stint in rehab #3, #4, or #5, we've lost count and likes to chest-bump with weiner

either in love with or just obsessed with Glenn Beck. Every night he runs at least one story about him!

"It's just crazy talk, right?"

I think Weiner, Affleck, Stewart, and Olbermann were all social outcasts when they were in school, and it has stayed with them through adulthood.

It is a fascinating phenomenon!

Wiener's on a Witch Hunt after Glenn Beck

What a Wiener!

In Conclusion:

Glenn Beck victorious over a big fat wiener fail

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